About the AHG and the Green Chile Chapter.

Please check out our mother page www.americanherbalistsguild.com for detailed information about the national organization and how to become a member.

  We are the Green Chile Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild and we bring together a network New Mexican herbalists with a desire to expand the local herbal community. 


What is our purpose?

1. Connecting students and teachers and building a foundation in collaborative medicine.
2. Educating the public on herbal medicine and self/family care.
3. Building a network of local businesses to help boost and support our local(herbal) economy.

How do I become a member?

It's a simple as joining the national American Herbalist Guild. This comes with many great benefits as well as an umbrella into the local chapter.

National AHG member benefits:
  • AHG Membership Voting Privileges (individual members)
  • a subscription to the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild
  • a subscription to our electronic newsletter, Guild News and Views
  • discounts to the Annual Symposium
  • Free Access to the AHG Webinar Series including 6 free webinars a year
  • FREE! Unlimited on-line access to past issues of the JAHG and to a growing library of recorded lectures from AHG conferences and seminars
  • Access to Professional Liability Insurance
  • 10% discount at Frontier Natural Products Coop and Mountain Rose Herbs
  • $10 of your annual dues goes back to the NM chapter! 


Is the national AHG not for you?

If you would like to support our local chapter but do not wish to join the national American Herbalists Guild, we have created a place just for you. For a $10 annual donation, you can become a Supportive Non-Member and receive all the local benefits which are stated below and still developing!

Local Member Benefits:

  • Discounts with local herb shops and practitioners (listing coming soon)
  • Discounted advertising on blog site
  • Free Blog posting (get your name out there and share your side of the plant world!)
  • Free Instructor Listing on blog site
  • More to come!


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