Friday, September 6, 2013


Green and color changing blessings everyone! It seems, though while it's still warm, fall has finally arrived. I know that I personally have been doing a lot of harvesting and medicine making this fall. I am especially excited about the coming Goldenrod bloom, as I enjoy using in in salves for aches and in tincture form for seasonal allergies and immune function.

Solidago canadensis

While you may be taking part in or spectating on some of the conversations on our facebook group, some of you may still be wondering… What's been happening with the chapter? Well...

We have had one general meeting since we began the chapter, and while the turn out was less than what I had hoped, the quality was exceptional. We mainly talked about holding an event next spring (the "conference") and how that could be achieved, but we also got some insight on directions the chapter could go. For instance, the "Supportive Non-Member" was added, so that New Mexican herbalists can support the chapter, even if they have no desire to be a part of the national organization. It was also suggested that we look into what other local chapters are doing throughout the US. I think this is a fine idea, I'm looking into it and will post after I get in contact with our brother/sister chapters.

In the mean time, I would really enjoy hearing from YOU, about what you'd like to see happen locally. As I have stressed before, this chapter only functions by the combination of our resources and our minds. I thought it would be fun to post the national AHG Goals and see what our New Mexico flair would change, add, what they like, dislike, etc… So, here we go!

Primary Goals of the AHG

  •  Honor diversity in herbal medicine, ranging from traditional indigenous models of herbalism to modern clinical phytotherapy.

  • Establish AHG professional membership as a recognizable standard of competency in botanical medicine.

  • Encourage the development of high standards of education that promote well-trained professional practitioners who offer high quality herbal care.

  • Promote ecological health and increase awareness of issues surrounding plant sustainability.

  • Strengthen the network of support and communication between herbal practitioners nationally and internationally.

  • Foster high standards of ethics and integrity in the education and the practice of therapeutic herbalism.

  • Promote cooperation between herbal practitioners and other health care providers, integrating herbalism into community health care.

  • Serve as a liaison to other professional associations and regulatory agencies.

  • Promote research in herbal medicine.

What do you think should be our goals, as a local chapter? 
Please dialogue in the comments section below!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Welcome New Mexico herbalists! 


I am beyond excited to have this fantastic resource at our fingertips. This blogspot will provide a means to connect our individual selves with the wider community of herbalists, as well as potential students and clients! Lets go over some of the offerings this blog will have for our community.

Getting heard:

This is a community blog, therefore, the blog posts will be by the herbal community. This is a way for YOU to get your herbal voice heard and your name out there. We want to hear from all NM herbalists about what you love about herbal medicine. We will always be looking for blog posts from you. If you have something you'd like to talk about, email us and if it's appropriate and after editing, we will post it!

What is appropriate?

Anything that is related to herbal medicine/alternative healing, as long as it is not an advertisement or an obvious self promotion. Your name will already be on the post, with a contact link(webpage, email or preferred contact). You can also email us with any questions.

To submit a blog posting or a question related to this, email us with "blog submission" in the subject line.

(please attach any pictures you would like added to the posting along with a note about where you would like them placed)

Examples of blog postings...

*Catnip uses, by so and so
*Reproductive health the herbal way, by so and so
*My thoughts on herb education, by so and so
*Why I love herbal medicine, by so and so
*How herbs saved my life, by so and so

You get the idea. :)

We look forward to hearing your voice!


As a member, you get discounted advertising on the blog page.
At the moment, a ribbon on the blog page is only $5 a month!!
(Prices are subject to change as blog traffic increases)
This ribbon can be a photo, designed by you, linking to your place or website of business.

*You must be a member of the AHG or a SNM to apply.
*Business websites must be appropriate, herbal related and approved by blog moderators before posting.
*You must be a NM resident, selling or practicing out of NM.

Please email us with "advertising" in the subject line if interested in placing an ad.

100% of funds received go directly to supporting our local chapter!

Student Mentor Connection:

There is a tab on the blog designed specifically for students and teachers! This is a mutually beneficial resource, as the instructor can "advertise" their teaching method and the student can pick and choose between NM herbalists, the person and style that is right for them! Check it out here.

Stay connected:

We will be assembling a team of volunteers who will be keeping up to date on upcoming herbal events in the area and posting them here! We also welcome from readers, any word of events!

This is also YOUR blogspot!

We want to make this web space a collective and collaborative piece. This means that we always welcome ideas for improvement, both towards the blog and AHG NM itself!

Your loving herbal secretary.

Please comment below!