Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Call for Volunteers!

Happy New Year Herbalists! I am so thrilled about growing this chapter in the coming year. There has been much talk about how this might happen and we very much want more ideas about how YOU think our chapter can thrive! Here are some things we will be working on this year!

Hopi Tobacco Leaf

Meetings! One of the best ways to keep a community alive is through regular meetings. While we do wish to have a few AHG NM meetings throughout the year, we also wish to nourish those meetings which are already active!

The Herbal Circle, run by Connie Henry has graciously welcomed AHG to their monthly meetings! I love this gathering because it is so laid back and everyone can share equally! It's great for plant enthusiasts of all ages, levels and interest.  This is the kind of thing I personally want to foster in AHG NM and so I am happy to have the Herbal Circle welcome us in! The next Herbal Circle is going to be Sunday, February 9th. Check out the events page for more info.

We also REALLY hope to get an annual event going. Efforts towards that have fizzled out a little bit but I plan to bring them back... look to Herb Day maybe... ;)

More blog participation! We are a community of herbalists and I want to hear all of your voices! Already, the facebook page is becoming more active and discussion is commencing, but I would also like to hear more from your perspectives. If any of you are writers, or have written anything on herbal medicine/health, we would LOVE to post it here for all to see!

We also want to start advertising, gently on this site. We want to reserve this for local businesses and practices(though we may affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs). All advertising fees will go to the chapter. Let us know if you're interested in advertising your herbal or related business with us. I believe that as traffic increases here, it will be totally worth it!!!

As a member, you get discounted advertising on the blog page.
At the moment, a ribbon on the blog page is only $5 a month!!
For AHG members and Supportive Non-Members, it's only $3 a month!!
(Prices are subject to change as blog traffic increases)
This ribbon can be a photo, designed by you, linking to your place or website of business.

*Business websites must be appropriate, herbal related and approved by blog moderators before posting.
*You must be a NM resident, selling or practicing out of NM.

Please email us with "advertising" in the subject line if interested in placing an ad.

100% of funds received go directly to supporting our local chapter!

Member packet! We are working on getting the updated list of members from AHG on a regular basis. What we would very much like to do, is send a welcome packet to all members and supportive non-members. This will include coupons, a membership card and other goodies. This is still in development and if you would like to help in this initiative, please let us know.

Newsletter! I have been wanting to make a community herbal newsletter(even possibly publication) since forever! lol! I imagine herbal articles, herb of the month, calender of events, business highlights, herbalists interviews, etc. All run by the community, put together by a group of herbal volunteers and hosted by AHG NM. It's a vision, but I would like to see it bare fruit. Let me know if you're interested in this and we'll talk more about it at the next meeting. :)

Volunteering! There is only so much myself and Beverly can do, even if we do have superpowers! I definitely want interested parties to contact us about the Newsletter idea but in addition to that, we are currently looking for volunteers for the following...

City Representatives-
This is a pretty important position and really necessary if we wish to grow as a chapter and support the whole State of New Mexico. Currently we are operating almost solely in Albuquerque. We are looking for representatives for ALL of the cities in NM, that way we can build a wider network of events, practitioners, students and mentors. You must be willing to be active in the herbal community in your area, including hosting meetings and keeping in contact with the other officers and city reps of AHG NM.

Facebook moderators- 
We would like a couple of interested people, who are active on facebook to help us moderate the group page. This would entail checking for spam, approving members, making sure everyone stays respectful to one another AND keeping the page interesting by posting herbal pictures, links, articles and starting discussions. If this sounds like you, let us know!

Event and Classes Researcher-
This individual(s) would help us gather monthly information on herbal/health related events, classes and workshops to be posted on facebook, via AHG NM email and listed on this blogsite. One of the most helpful things we can do as a chapter is consolidate events for our community. I definitely need help with this!

Blog Author-
This individual will help keep the blog up to date and posted on facebook, etc. Most importantly the events page, mentor page and approving blog postings of members. Familiarity of blogger is highly valued.

On occasion, we like to show up at events and farmers markets to spread the word. These folks would be sitting under a shaded umbrella, talking about the chapter and handing out information. It's really a lot of fun and you can bring your personal business cards to the table! This is a pretty simple volunteer position but it's super helpful!

We would really prefer that our volunteers be either a AHG member or SNM. Volunteers will be highlighted on the blogpage and elseware, including website, services offered, etc. I am also working on gathering some coupons for volunteers as well, not to mention it's a great thing to put on an herbal resume! Please email us at with "Volunteer" in the subject line if you are interested in any of these positions and tell us why you would be great at it! Thank you!

You all rock and I love this chapter!!!